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This site now includes 330 authors, 63 countries and multi-country regions, 45 U.S. states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia.

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Mystery Writers: Places beginning with A

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Arizona: Tony Hillerman
Search Amazon for Tony Hillerman | Search Wikipedia for Tony Hillerman

Arizona: J. A. Jance
Search Amazon for J. A. Jance | Search Wikipedia for J. A. Jance

Arizona: Richard Parrish
Search Amazon for Richard Parrish | Search Wikipedia for Richard Parrish

Arizona: Aimee and David Thurlo
Search Amazon for Aimee and David Thurlo | Search Wikipedia for Aimee and David Thurlo

Arizona: Louise Ure
Search Amazon for Louise Ure | Search Wikipedia for Louise Ure

Arkansas: Stephen Hunter
Search Amazon for Stephen Hunter | Search Wikipedia for Stephen Hunter

Aspen: Thomas Zigal
Search Amazon for Thomas Zigal | Search Wikipedia for Thomas Zigal

Athens: Petros Markaris
Search Amazon for Petros Markaris | Search Wikipedia for Petros Markaris

Atlanta: Kathy Hogan Trocheck
Search Amazon for Kathy Hogan Trocheck | Search Wikipedia for Kathy Hogan Trocheck

Australia: Peter Corris
Search Amazon for Peter Corris | Search Wikipedia for Peter Corris

Australia: Garry Disher
Search Amazon for Garry Disher | Search Wikipedia for Garry Disher

Australia: Kerry Greenwood
Search Amazon for Kerry Greenwood | Search Wikipedia for Kerry Greenwood

Australia: Adrian Hyland
Search Amazon for Adrian Hyland | Search Wikipedia for Adrian Hyland

Australia: Barry Maitland
Search Amazon for Barry Maitland | Search Wikipedia for Barry Maitland

Australia: Peter Temple
Search Amazon for Peter Temple | Search Wikipedia for Peter Temple

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Tony Hillerman   J. A. Jance   Richard Parrish   Aimee and David Thurlo   Louise Ure   Stephen Hunter   Thomas Zigal   Petros Markaris   Kathy Hogan Trocheck   Peter Corris   Garry Disher   Kerry Greenwood   Adrian Hyland   Barry Maitland   Peter Temple