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This site now includes 345 authors, 64 countries and multi-country regions, 45 U.S. states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia.

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Mystery Writers: Places beginning with E

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Edinburgh: Quintin Jardine
Search Bookshop.org for Quintin Jardine | Search Wikipedia for Quintin Jardine

Edinburgh: Ian Rankin
Search Bookshop.org for Ian Rankin | Search Wikipedia for Ian Rankin

Egypt: Michael Pearce
Search Bookshop.org for Michael Pearce | Search Wikipedia for Michael Pearce

El Salvador: David Corbett
Search Bookshop.org for David Corbett | Search Wikipedia for David Corbett

England: Rennie Airth
Search Bookshop.org for Rennie Airth | Search Wikipedia for Rennie Airth

England: Mark Billingham
Search Bookshop.org for Mark Billingham | Search Wikipedia for Mark Billingham

England: Colin Dexter
Search Bookshop.org for Colin Dexter | Search Wikipedia for Colin Dexter

England: Arthur Conan Doyle
Search Bookshop.org for Arthur Conan Doyle | Search Wikipedia for Arthur Conan Doyle

England: Paul Eddy
Search Bookshop.org for Paul Eddy | Search Wikipedia for Paul Eddy

England: Martin Edwards
Search Bookshop.org for Martin Edwards | Search Wikipedia for Martin Edwards

England: John Harvey
Search Bookshop.org for John Harvey | Search Wikipedia for John Harvey

England: Mick Herron
Search Bookshop.org for Mick Herron | Search Wikipedia for Mick Herron

England: Reginald Hill
Search Bookshop.org for Reginald Hill | Search Wikipedia for Reginald Hill

England: Mischa Hiller
Search Bookshop.org for Mischa Hiller | Search Wikipedia for Mischa Hiller

England: Simon Kernick
Search Bookshop.org for Simon Kernick | Search Wikipedia for Simon Kernick

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Quintin Jardine   Ian Rankin   Michael Pearce   David Corbett   Rennie Airth   Mark Billingham   Colin Dexter   Arthur Conan Doyle   Paul Eddy   Martin Edwards   John Harvey   Mick Herron   Reginald Hill   Mischa Hiller   Simon Kernick