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This site now includes 345 authors, 64 countries and multi-country regions, 45 U.S. states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia.

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Mystery Writers: Places beginning with F

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Finland: Matti Joensuu
Search Bookshop.org for Matti Joensuu | Search Wikipedia for Matti Joensuu

Finland: Harri Nykanen
Search Bookshop.org for Harri Nykanen | Search Wikipedia for Harri Nykanen

Florence: Christobel Kent
Search Bookshop.org for Christobel Kent | Search Wikipedia for Christobel Kent

Florence: Magdalen Nabb
Search Bookshop.org for Magdalen Nabb | Search Wikipedia for Magdalen Nabb

Florida: Don Bruns
Search Bookshop.org for Don Bruns | Search Wikipedia for Don Bruns

Florida: Tom Corcoran
Search Bookshop.org for Tom Corcoran | Search Wikipedia for Tom Corcoran

Florida: Carl Hiaasen
Search Bookshop.org for Carl Hiaasen | Search Wikipedia for Carl Hiaasen

Florida: Stuart M. Kaminsky
Search Bookshop.org for Stuart M. Kaminsky | Search Wikipedia for Stuart M. Kaminsky

Florida: Elmore Leonard
Search Bookshop.org for Elmore Leonard | Search Wikipedia for Elmore Leonard

Florida: John D. MacDonald
Search Bookshop.org for John D. MacDonald | Search Wikipedia for John D. MacDonald

Florida: P. J. Parrish
Search Bookshop.org for P. J. Parrish | Search Wikipedia for P. J. Parrish

Florida: Les Standiford
Search Bookshop.org for Les Standiford | Search Wikipedia for Les Standiford

Florida: Randy Wayne White
Search Bookshop.org for Randy Wayne White | Search Wikipedia for Randy Wayne White

France: Cara Black
Search Bookshop.org for Cara Black | Search Wikipedia for Cara Black

France: Max Byrd
Search Bookshop.org for Max Byrd | Search Wikipedia for Max Byrd

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Matti Joensuu   Harri Nykanen   Christobel Kent   Magdalen Nabb   Don Bruns   Tom Corcoran   Carl Hiaasen   Stuart M. Kaminsky   Elmore Leonard   John D. MacDonald   P. J. Parrish   Les Standiford   Randy Wayne White   Cara Black   Max Byrd