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Mystery Writers: Places beginning with G

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Gaborone: Alexander McCall Smith
Search Amazon for Alexander McCall Smith | Search Wikipedia for Alexander McCall Smith

Georgia: Kathy Hogan Trocheck
Search Amazon for Kathy Hogan Trocheck | Search Wikipedia for Kathy Hogan Trocheck

Germany: Jakob Arjouni
Search Amazon for Jakob Arjouni | Search Wikipedia for Jakob Arjouni

Germany: David Downing
Search Amazon for David Downing | Search Wikipedia for David Downing

Germany: Michael Gregorio
Search Amazon for Michael Gregorio | Search Wikipedia for Michael Gregorio

Germany: David John
Search Amazon for David John | Search Wikipedia for David John

Germany: Joseph Kanon
Search Amazon for Joseph Kanon | Search Wikipedia for Joseph Kanon

Germany: Erich Kastner
Search Amazon for Erich Kastner | Search Wikipedia for Erich Kastner

Germany: Philip Kerr
Search Amazon for Philip Kerr | Search Wikipedia for Philip Kerr

Germany: Jonathan Rabb
Search Amazon for Jonathan Rabb | Search Wikipedia for Jonathan Rabb

Germany: Bernhard Schlink
Search Amazon for Bernhard Schlink | Search Wikipedia for Bernhard Schlink

Ghana: Kwei Quartey
Search Amazon for Kwei Quartey | Search Wikipedia for Kwei Quartey

Glasgow: Denise Mina
Search Amazon for Denise Mina | Search Wikipedia for Denise Mina

Gothenburg: Ake Edwardson
Search Amazon for Ake Edwardson | Search Wikipedia for Ake Edwardson

Gothenburg: Helene Tursten
Search Amazon for Helene Tursten | Search Wikipedia for Helene Tursten

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Alexander McCall Smith   Kathy Hogan Trocheck   Jakob Arjouni   David Downing   Michael Gregorio   David John   Joseph Kanon   Erich Kastner   Philip Kerr   Jonathan Rabb   Bernhard Schlink   Kwei Quartey   Denise Mina   Ake Edwardson   Helene Tursten