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This site now includes 345 authors, 64 countries and multi-country regions, 45 U.S. states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia.

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Mystery Writers: Places beginning with T

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Tel Aviv: Liam Shoham
Search Bookshop.org for Liam Shoham | Search Wikipedia for Liam Shoham

Tennessee: Robert Bailey
Search Bookshop.org for Robert Bailey | Search Wikipedia for Robert Bailey

Tennessee: Kris Nelscott
Search Bookshop.org for Kris Nelscott | Search Wikipedia for Kris Nelscott

Tennessee: James Sallis
Search Bookshop.org for James Sallis | Search Wikipedia for James Sallis

Texas: Carlos Cisneros
Search Bookshop.org for Carlos Cisneros | Search Wikipedia for Carlos Cisneros

Texas: Bill Crider
Search Bookshop.org for Bill Crider | Search Wikipedia for Bill Crider

Texas: Tricia Fields
Search Bookshop.org for Tricia Fields | Search Wikipedia for Tricia Fields

Texas: Rick Riordan
Search Bookshop.org for Rick Riordan | Search Wikipedia for Rick Riordan

Thailand: John Burdett
Search Bookshop.org for John Burdett | Search Wikipedia for John Burdett

Thailand: Colin Cotterill
Search Bookshop.org for Colin Cotterill | Search Wikipedia for Colin Cotterill

Thailand: Christopher G. Moore
Search Bookshop.org for Christopher G. Moore | Search Wikipedia for Christopher G. Moore

Tibet: Elsa Hart
Search Bookshop.org for Elsa Hart | Search Wikipedia for Elsa Hart

Tibet: Jamyang Norbu
Search Bookshop.org for Jamyang Norbu | Search Wikipedia for Jamyang Norbu

Tibet: Eliot Pattison
Search Bookshop.org for Eliot Pattison | Search Wikipedia for Eliot Pattison

Tijuana: Sebastian Rotella
Search Bookshop.org for Sebastian Rotella | Search Wikipedia for Sebastian Rotella

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Liam Shoham   Robert Bailey   Kris Nelscott   James Sallis   Carlos Cisneros   Bill Crider   Tricia Fields   Rick Riordan   John Burdett   Colin Cotterill   Christopher G. Moore   Elsa Hart   Jamyang Norbu   Eliot Pattison   Sebastian Rotella