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This site now includes 330 authors, 63 countries and multi-country regions, 45 U.S. states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia.

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Mystery Writers: Places beginning with C

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California: Kelli Stanley
Search Amazon for Kelli Stanley | Search Wikipedia for Kelli Stanley

California: Paula L. Woods
Search Amazon for Paula L. Woods | More on Paula L. Woods

Canada: Rosemary Aubert
Search Amazon for Rosemary Aubert | Search Wikipedia for Rosemary Aubert

Canada: Giles Blunt
Search Amazon for Giles Blunt | Search Wikipedia for Giles Blunt

Canada: Howard Engel
Search Amazon for Howard Engel | Search Wikipedia for Howard Engel

Canada: John McFetridge
Search Amazon for John McFetridge | Search Wikipedia for John McFetridge

Canada: Kathy Reichs
Search Amazon for Kathy Reichs | Search Wikipedia for Kathy Reichs

Canada: Robert J. Sawyer
Search Amazon for Robert J. Sawyer | Search Wikipedia for Robert J. Sawyer

Canada: Kitty Sewell
Search Amazon for Kitty Sewell | Search Wikipedia for Kitty Sewell

Canada: L. R. Wright
Search Amazon for L. R. Wright | Search Wikipedia for L. R. Wright

Cape Town: Margie Orford
Search Amazon for Margie Orford | Search Wikipedia for Margie Orford

Caribbean Region: Don Bruns
Search Amazon for Don Bruns | Search Wikipedia for Don Bruns

Chicago: Robert Goldsborough
Search Amazon for Robert Goldsborough | Search Wikipedia for Robert Goldsborough

Chicago: Michael Harvey
Search Amazon for Michael Harvey | Search Wikipedia for Michael Harvey

Chicago: Stuart M. Kaminsky
Search Amazon for Stuart M. Kaminsky | Search Wikipedia for Stuart M. Kaminsky

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Kelli Stanley   Paula L. Woods   Rosemary Aubert   Giles Blunt   Howard Engel   John McFetridge   Kathy Reichs   Robert J. Sawyer   Kitty Sewell   L. R. Wright   Margie Orford   Don Bruns   Robert Goldsborough   Michael Harvey   Stuart M. Kaminsky