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Mystery Writers: Places beginning with I

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Iceland: Quentin Bates
Search Amazon for Quentin Bates | Search Wikipedia for Quentin Bates

Iceland: Arnaldur Indridason
Search Amazon for Arnaldur Indridason | Search Wikipedia for Arnaldur Indridason

Iceland: Ragnar Jonasson
Search Amazon for Ragnar Jonasson | Search Wikipedia for Ragnar Jonasson

Iceland: Michael Ridpath
Search Amazon for Michael Ridpath | Search Wikipedia for Michael Ridpath

Iceland: Yrsa Sigurdardottir
Search Amazon for Yrsa Sigurdardottir | Search Wikipedia for Yrsa Sigurdardottir

Illinois: Eleanor Taylor Bland
Search Amazon for Eleanor Taylor Bland | Search Wikipedia for Eleanor Taylor Bland

Illinois: Robert Goldsborough
Search Amazon for Robert Goldsborough | Search Wikipedia for Robert Goldsborough

Illinois: Michael Harvey
Search Amazon for Michael Harvey | Search Wikipedia for Michael Harvey

Illinois: Stuart M. Kaminsky
Search Amazon for Stuart M. Kaminsky | Search Wikipedia for Stuart M. Kaminsky

Illinois: Kris Nelscott
Search Amazon for Kris Nelscott | Search Wikipedia for Kris Nelscott

Illinois: Sara Paretsky
Search Amazon for Sara Paretsky | Search Wikipedia for Sara Paretsky

Illinois: Marcus Sakey
Search Amazon for Marcus Sakey | Search Wikipedia for Marcus Sakey

India: H. R. F. Keating
Search Amazon for H. R. F. Keating | Search Wikipedia for H. R. F. Keating

India: Jamyang Norbu
Search Amazon for Jamyang Norbu | Search Wikipedia for Jamyang Norbu

Indiana: David Levien
Search Amazon for David Levien | Search Wikipedia for David Levien

Indianapolis: David Levien
Search Amazon for David Levien | Search Wikipedia for David Levien

Iowa: Shirley Damsgaard
Search Amazon for Shirley Damsgaard | Search Wikipedia for Shirley Damsgaard

Iowa: Ed Gorman
Search Amazon for Ed Gorman | Search Wikipedia for Ed Gorman

Iowa: Donald Harstad
Search Amazon for Donald Harstad | Search Wikipedia for Donald Harstad

Ireland: Benjamin Black
Search Amazon for Benjamin Black | Search Wikipedia for Benjamin Black

Ireland: Conor Brady
Search Amazon for Conor Brady | Search Wikipedia for Conor Brady

Ireland: John Brady
Search Amazon for John Brady | Search Wikipedia for John Brady

Ireland: Ken Bruen
Search Amazon for Ken Bruen | Search Wikipedia for Ken Bruen

Ireland: Tana French
Search Amazon for Tana French | Search Wikipedia for Tana French

Ireland: Bartholomew Gill
Search Amazon for Bartholomew Gill | Search Wikipedia for Bartholomew Gill

Ireland: Gene Kerrigan
Search Amazon for Gene Kerrigan | Search Wikipedia for Gene Kerrigan

Ireland: Brian McGilloway
Search Amazon for Brian McGilloway | Search Wikipedia for Brian McGilloway

Ireland: Peter Tremayne
Search Amazon for Peter Tremayne | Search Wikipedia for Peter Tremayne

Isle of Man: Chris Ewan
Search Amazon for Chris Ewan | Search Wikipedia for Chris Ewan

Israel: Batya Gur
Search Amazon for Batya Gur | Search Wikipedia for Batya Gur

Israel: Jon Land
Search Amazon for Jon Land | Search Wikipedia for Jon Land

Israel: Robert Rosenberg
Search Amazon for Robert Rosenberg | Search Wikipedia for Robert Rosenberg

Israel: Liam Shoham
Search Amazon for Liam Shoham | Search Wikipedia for Liam Shoham

Italy: Andrea Camilleri
Search Amazon for Andrea Camilleri | Search Wikipedia for Andrea Camilleri

Italy: Massimo Carlotto
Search Amazon for Massimo Carlotto | Search Wikipedia for Massimo Carlotto

Italy: Gianrico Carofiglio
Search Amazon for Gianrico Carofiglio | Search Wikipedia for Gianrico Carofiglio

Italy: Michael Dibdin
Search Amazon for Michael Dibdin | Search Wikipedia for Michael Dibdin

Italy: Conor Fitzgerald
Search Amazon for Conor Fitzgerald | Search Wikipedia for Conor Fitzgerald

Italy: David Hewson
Search Amazon for David Hewson | Search Wikipedia for David Hewson

Italy: Christobel Kent
Search Amazon for Christobel Kent | Search Wikipedia for Christobel Kent

Italy: Donna Leon
Search Amazon for Donna Leon | Search Wikipedia for Donna Leon

Italy: Carlo Lucarelli
Search Amazon for Carlo Lucarelli | Search Wikipedia for Carlo Lucarelli

Italy: Magdalen Nabb
Search Amazon for Magdalen Nabb | Search Wikipedia for Magdalen Nabb

Italy: Iain Pears
Search Amazon for Iain Pears | Search Wikipedia for Iain Pears

Italy: Edward Sklepowich
Search Amazon for Edward Sklepowich | Search Wikipedia for Edward Sklepowich

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Quentin Bates   Arnaldur Indridason   Ragnar Jonasson   Michael Ridpath   Yrsa Sigurdardottir   Eleanor Taylor Bland   Robert Goldsborough   Michael Harvey   Stuart M. Kaminsky   Kris Nelscott   Sara Paretsky   Marcus Sakey   H. R. F. Keating   Jamyang Norbu   David Levien   David Levien   Shirley Damsgaard   Ed Gorman   Donald Harstad   Benjamin Black   Conor Brady   John Brady   Ken Bruen   Tana French   Bartholomew Gill   Gene Kerrigan   Brian McGilloway   Peter Tremayne   Chris Ewan   Batya Gur   Jon Land   Robert Rosenberg   Liam Shoham   Andrea Camilleri   Massimo Carlotto   Gianrico Carofiglio   Michael Dibdin   Conor Fitzgerald   David Hewson   Christobel Kent   Donna Leon   Carlo Lucarelli   Magdalen Nabb   Iain Pears   Edward Sklepowich